VAS – Web User Interface instructions

How to browse your VAS – DVR online

  1. Open Internet Explorer (only Microsoft IE is supported)

  2. Enter the URL or IP address into your address bar: i.e."" and hit enter. If you don’t know your URL or IP address, please e-mail for support

  3. On first use, you will be prompted to install ‘’ activeX download from the DVR. Right click on the notification and then click on ‘Insall ActiveX’

  4. When prompted, click ‘Install’

  5. You may need to repeat this for two ActiveX components.

  6. After successful ActiveX install you will arrive at the DVR’s log in prompt (if this does not appear, then restart internet explorer after installing the ActiveX components.)

  7. When presented with the log in screen, enter your user name and password as issued to you by VideoControlRoom / ASR. Note: leave the port on the default setting of 8000

Basic User Instructions

  1. Viewing Live: For optimal speed and performance try to only stream one or two cameras at a time. To start viewing, make sure you are on the ‘Preview’ tab, then double click on the camera you wish to view (alternatively you can drag and drop a camera into an active window.) Use the camera layout buttons at the bottom of the screen to change the camera layout.

  2. To go full screen,  double click on a camera. To return to the WebUI, double click again

  3. Playback: First go to the ‘Playback’ tab then click on a camera you wish to search, then enter your start and finish time, then hit the magnifying glass search icon. The system will then list all the video files recorded in that period. You can drag and drop these into the play back window or click on them and press play.


For further assistance:

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